Noah Muth

101 S 5th St #1419

Minneapolis, MN 55402

Who I Am

A consulting technical lead based out of Minneapolis, MN with experience across a variety of languages, frameworks, and work environments. When I’m not on the computer, I love to travel, write music, and study the Dutch language.

What I Believe

That people are more important than software; that happy teams build better products; and that the most crucial function of my job is to be a helpful team member, curious learner, and effective teacher.

What I Do

I turn ideas into products—REST APIs, microservices, web & mobile applications, games, etc.—using whatever tool is most appropriate for the job. I’m always on the lookout for new (or old!) solutions to add to my repertoire.


Frontend LanguagesECMAScript/JavaScript, TypeScript, Elm
Frontend LibrariesReact, Redux, Vue, Vuex, Ember, Angular 2+
Mobile (iOS + Android)React Native, Expo
Backend LanguagesNode, Go, Python, Elixir/Erlang/OTP, Ruby
DatabasesPostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Google Datastore
Toolinggit, GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, Drone, Jenkins
DeploymentKubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud, AWS, Netlify
Otheremacs, Lisp, Unity 3D, Godot

Consulting Highlights (July 2014 - Present)

As a consultant, I’ve partnered with a variety of clients from scrappy bedroom startups to B2B enterprises and retail titans. I have been consulting since July 2014, and have worked on far too many projects to enumerate exhaustively. These are my proudest accomplishments as a consulting technical lead.

  • Led an international team through the migration of a monolithic REST API to immutable microservices and personally deployed the new system to production
  • Applied human-first design principles to user interfaces to create aesthetically pleasing applications without sacrificing usability
  • Created multiple WYSIWYG editors for print media from the ground up, including UI/UX design, technical architecture, and actual implementation
  • Mentored junior developers 1-on-1 to build their general engineering skills as well as proficiencies with specific technology
  • Designed, specced, prioritized, and implemented product features based on real-world user experiences and pain points
  • Architected robust, scalable, secure microservice systems for enterprise data processing

Non-Consulting Experience

Engineer III, CrowdStrike; August 2018 – April 2019

  • Collaborated with remote team to build cutting-edge security software and stop breaches
  • Developed internal tools to assist in administration, deployment, and support of the Falcon platform
  • Coordinated with team members across disciplines to deliver effective solutions

Software Engineer, Code42 Software; October 2015 – August 2016

  • Planned and implemented refactoring efforts to modernize an aging JQuery UI codebase
  • Developed web-based administrative tools with ES6, React, and Angular
  • Created comprehensive user acceptance tests with Cucumber and Capybara

Developer Intern, Maverick Software Consulting; February 2014 – August 2014

  • Maintained and extended Typescript and Java code for web-based admin tools
  • Supported agile and test-driven development practices
  • Ensured HIPAA compliance when working with healthcare PII

Organizer Intern, Minnesotans United for All Families; April 2012 – November 2012

  • Canvassed phones and doors to defend LGBTQ rights in Minnesota
  • Recruited & trained volunteers to participate in phone banks for persuasion and GOTV
  • Organized fundraising & awareness events to help sustain the campaign
  • We won :)